Natural Whitening for Beauty

Did you know having white teeth affects the appearance of your overall smile? Your smile is one of the first attributes a person notices about you and can provide observers a lot of information about your personality and even about your health. In more recent history, there have been developments in the cosmetic dental industry that are meant to enhance one of our very primal and most important physical features: our teeth. With modern techniques such as straightening with braces and aligners, implants for corrections, and whitening becoming common procedures in the household, it isn’t likely the trend is going to change anytime soon. Whitening of the teeth has especially seen various methods and substances available for purchase by prescription or at your local store.

Contraptions, gels, and ultraviolet rays meant to give us that “Hollywood” smile are no longer the first choice individuals consider when looking to achieve the sought out whitened smile. Times are simpler today, as the search for more natural and environmental friendly products are sought for both the health and safety within the household as well as the protection of our planet. An extremely popular and trending item on the market for household consumption is the use of charcoal powder for the whitening of teeth. This naturally occurring product that is safe in suggested quantities and use has been the rave of celebrities and health experts alike. With options that are affordable and easy to acquire and use, it is no wonder this is something everyone should have in their beauty cabinet. All that is required is a bamboo toothbrush for activated charcoal powder and you are ready to go!

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There seem to be many mixed reviews upon the subject of using charcoal based products for your teeth and health. The best thing anyone can do in this situation is to always do their research. Read reviews, research various brands, and determine what needs best fit your lifestyle. Jeopardizing of your health is never recommended nor suggested.

Harper’s Bazaar in their article despite objections in use of charcoal for oral health suggest that despite these claims “Still, charcoal tooth treatments have found plenty of proponents who say that a regular coating of the stuff whitens their teeth and kills off bad breath-causing bacteria.” It doesn’t hurt that this product is all natural, however asking of your primary orthodontist and oral health practitioner of the pros and cons of such treatments is always recommended.

If you decide to take the journey and try for yourself the advantages of having a bright and healthy smile with use of charcoal products, there are plenty of sites with which to do your research in finding the product that is right for you. There are even step by step guides that are easy to follow along such as wikiHOW describing that “Activated charcoal is different from common barbecue charcoal in that it is specifically meant for use as a medicine. It works by absorbing chemicals, and as such is often used as a remedy for intestinal gas or acid. Since it works by absorbing toxins and chemicals, it also draws stains off your teeth.” So what are you waiting for? Try this system now!

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